Wearing Gave Me My Family Back

My friend, Rebecca, just asked me a pretty sweet question that has a really cool answer. I wanted to share my answer with all of you, here on our group’s public page, for all other mamas out there with similar questions.

Rebecca asks:

“Hi Anna:-) I have been witnessing your new found love affair with wrapping your babe and am wondering if you would share your experience with me. I have only worn the wrap I have a handful of times and have not taken to wrapping just yet. Would you be willing to share why you love it, when you wear it and any other thoughts you may have. I have only learned the front carry so far. I now work on Saturdays so I am not available to come out to the meet ups any more. I was thinking that if I could just learn to put him on my back, that would change everything… Anyway, hope you are well!”

I answered this question a little differently on our Facebook page, but, in short, my answer is this:

Babywearing Gave Me My Family Back.

Before I got my wovens, our time together was spent taking turns.  I would hold baby while daddy cooked.  Daddy would hold baby while I did dishes.  I would hold baby while daddy fed the animals.  Daddy would hold baby while I did laundry.  Everything took twice as long because we couldn’t do anything at the same time.  One of us was always “holding the baby.”  Anyone that’s ever spent 10 seconds holding a baby of any age can tell you, there is very little you can do at the same time.

I had a baby carrier we got before she was born.  It was one of those strappy/buckly/octopusy things.  Every time I tried to get it on, she’d be a hot hangry mess before the last strap was tightened.  It was rarely effective.  And never effective at actually giving me my hands back.

The wonderful and supportive Mamas at BWI of Gainesville showed me how to use my carrier better, and lent me wovens from their personal stashes.  Because of their support and encouragement, I am becoming a confident and capable wrapper.

Once I got my ring sling, everything changed.  I could get her in and out of day care with all of her things without dropping half of it on the way to the car.  We could go shopping without being that couple with the screaming cart monster.

Once I got my wrap, everything changed again.  Baby was old enough for back carries.  It took a few weeks to get the hang of it, and I watched a lot of youtube when I should have been working, but we did it.

We now spend our evenings as a family again.  We do dishes together.  We walk the dogs together.  We cook diner together.  All three of us.


In short:

Our little family can go for walks down our street, at the park, or even hiking on weekends. Everyone is comfy. Everyone is in love!

Times when wrapping has made my life easier:

1) Every day at drop-off and pick-up.
3) Going for walks in places that aren’t paved!
4) Forcefully subduing my little nap-hater into a deep slumber.
5) Wanting to cuddle my baby but also needing to take care of other things.

A is 8.5 months now. She weighs 22# and is 31″ long. She is HEAVY. But in our wraps, she is weightless, and we are free.


2 thoughts on “Wearing Gave Me My Family Back

  1. Nicole Taft says:

    Beautiful. I love the picture of the Seaside by the Sea. What an amazing difference wraps made for your family. 🙂


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