Oscha Romano Caspian Action Shots

Oscha Romano Caspian Ring Sling

by Anna Williams

This review isn’t really about the 50% linen 50% combed cotton blend, the 220 gsm weight, or how this combines to make a lovely, supportive, cool sling for my very large 8 month old in our very hot state of Florida.  This review is about being a brand new babywearer, and buying a brand new woven, and finding room in your heart for a brand new kind of buyer’s remorse.

Earlier, I wrote about love at first sight.  Now I will write about a love earned.

I found Oscha in the wake of their Oceania release.  This was very bad for my heart, as none of the lovely wraps in that collection were available anymore without some serious stalking and some serious cash.  I was in love with koi kehena.  I still am.  And probably will be to the end of my days.

But I was also pleased with what I saw in stock on their website.  I had been looking for a ring sling for a few weeks, but just didn’t like anything I saw until I found Oscha.  I was dibs mama on an Okinami Morgan Hemp RS.  But after deliberation, I passed on it and purchased Romano Caspian RS instead.  Understanding the Oscha community better now, I know this is blasphemy.  But I’m not really in to purple, and I’m a sucker for blue.  If I could go back, I might have gone with the oki; it might have made a good trade if it wasn’t love.  But that mama didn’t really want to sell it and I’m glad I’m not the one that took it from her.

I was so excited for it to arrive.  I was borrowing a RS from a friend.  I couldn’t live without one — I had to have my own!  It came, I tore into the packaging, there it was!

Oscha Romano Caspian RS

There it was!

It was not love.  It reminded me of the time my husband came home with what was clearly an animal.  My cat had just died.  I dreamed about another cat.  He brought home a dog.  She was very cute.  I love her to bits now.  But I opened my eyes expecting a cat.  She was a dog.  That’s how I felt about Romano Caspian.

In my head, I was expecting shimmer, magic, I guess.  What I saw was pretty, but it wasn’t what I had in my brain.  I thought maybe it was backwards.  The “wrong” side was out.  The darker blue I was dreaming off looked like jeans to me.  The way the warp and weft ran to make a dotted pattern was so different than how Atarah looked.  I was afraid to wash it.  I knew if I washed it, it was mine.  Selling it on the swap would be hard.  And I needed a RS.

I washed it, and it still wasn’t love.

Forget new-wrap-crunch.  This came out of the wash absolutely crispy!  The “jeans effect” was still there.  I kept silent about my first-world problem.  I returned my borrowed RS.  I used Romano every day.  I took it in to work with me to braid it and sit on it and eradicate the crisp.  Slowly, like the Grinch, my heart began to grow.

The linen was really noticeable.  It’s very, very hot here right now, but I never felt like Romano was adding to the heat, despite its dark color.  And my big girl always feels snug in it.  Getting her in and out of preschool was so easy.  Taking her to the store was a snap.  We could cuddle and pick up toilet paper at the same time!  How romantic!

I started to appreciate how much the fabric resembled my baby’s eyes.  It started to feel smooth and gentle.  I took it to the beach, and in the bright sunlight that only exists on the coast, I started to understand why it was called “Caspian.”  It was finally love.

A Love Earned.

Oscha Romano Caspian Action Shots

A Love Earned


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