Risaroo Atarah Seaside, Review by a New Wearer

by Anna Williams

The day I decided I had to have a woven wrap was the very same day that Risaroo launched its very first woven, Atarah Seaside.  I read the reviews from the testers, they all said that newbies would like it.  One of my own BWI chapter leaders recommended it too.  Everyone told me to buy used from someone on the big swap.  But everything I liked came from a very expensive maker across the pond, and the prices were just overwhelming to me.  But when I saw the photos of Atarah, I knew it was love.  I hovered over the website for an hour before release, frantically refreshing and emptying my cache, as if somehow I would catch it earlier than the scheduled time.  At 2:02pm est, I had Atarah Seaside on its way to its new home.

Risaroo Atarah Seaside

Atarah out of the bag

It arrived two days earlier than expected, which was awesome because I was home that day.  It came in a lovely cloth bag with care and carry instructions.  I took it out, unfolded it, and was immediately struck by the “other” side.  I had no idea.  I mean, I knew that wovens were sort of reversed on the other side, but I never thought about it.  It was so pretty!  I was terrified to wash it.  I was afraid the magic would be lost.

I was wrong.

When I pulled it out of the dryer, Atarah came to life.  The pattern danced off the wrap.  It was puffy and indented.  It looked just like stone carving with chalk etching.  But it was plush and soft.

FWCC in Risaroo Atarah Seaside

Fever Rides

Robin's Hip in Atarah Seaside

Robin’s Hip in Atarah Seaside

That very night, my little toothless had a teething spell.  She had a fever and couldn’t sleep.  I had never done FWCC in a woven before, but I put Atarah to work that night, and she delivered.  Max sleepy dust!

Atarah has brought many sleepy rides to my baby since then.  It hasn’t even been a month yet, but I can tell that Atarah is permastash.

I know a lot more about wovens now.  I know the difference between weft and warp.  I know how Linen blends feel different than Hemp blends, and how even 100% cotton blends are not all the same.

None of this knowledge has changed how much we love Atarah!

Atarah Seaside by the Seaside

Atarah Seaside by the Seaside


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