Kokoskaa Royal Quill Fern

by Drew Joseph
Wrap name: Royal Quill Fern
Wrap size: 4
Age/size of wrappee: 21 months, 26 lbs
Year Released: 2014
Blend: 100% cotton
Pros: For being such a heavy wrap in hand, Royal Quill is quite airy and breathable, supportive, stretchy, and easy to wrap with.
Cons: Brand new it might be a bit too thick and heavy, particularly for new wrappers or tiny newborns. The tags are neon yellow.
Wrapping Qualities: This wrap is textured, but not as much as the thicker etini. I find that it has a lovely balance of grip and slip, so that passes are easy to make, but they lock in well once placed. These are wider wraps, perfect for toddlers that want to be wrapped arms in. Lovely cush, royal quill makes a wonderful ruck wrap (and I really don’t like to ruck). I can DHTAS in my 4, and prefer to finish it with a buleria/knotless finish. It hasn’t taken a lot to break in royal quill, just a few tumbles in the dryer on low and some dates with my iron and toddler.
As I live in Florida, I’m really excited to be able to support a Florida-based wrap company!
Wraps similar to: Pavo Etini

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