Lunishcka Owls Paxos

by Drew Joseph
Linuschka Owls Paxos, size 6, pima cotton, cashmere, linen, and silk blend, released in March 2014.
I’m wrapping my 25ish pound 19 month old. I had the chance to test this out on a sunny 85 degree day at Disney today and it didn’t disappoint. We had some pretty solid times wearing (about an hour max each time), in a variety of carries – DHS2S, JBC TT, Ruck TT.
It is an airier weave, quite breathable, bouncy, solid, more slippery than grippy (easy to wrap with/passes glide well, but we had a bit of a problem with the seat slipping at times), reasonably wide without being excessive. I had been expecting soft like Linuschka’s 100% pima, but the linen (and maybe the silk?) made it a wee bit scratchy BNIB. It softened up well after a wash, but it’s still not kitten belly soft like 100% pima. After the last hour up, we had a bit of sag, but no digging, and it wasn’t really uncomfortable, just a few inches lower than where he started. That’s likely due to the pima, as I had the same experience with the pima poppies I used to have.
We were warm, but it was freaking hot out – the wrap stayed breathable and we were both comfortable. I haven’t taken full measurements, but the stock info says 250 gsm, and that seems about right. Thinner than I usually go for, but this will continue to be a good long wrap for hot summer days. Similar to firebird pfau, but still a bit looser weave. The color seems like a dark charcoal, but upon closer inspection, it’s more like a deep slate, with some blue tones. I’m into the classy critters right now in an attempt to keep wrapping my toddler, and it worked – he asked to go up in owls 🙂

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