Ovolo Fletching Brick Prototype

by Drew Joseph
(Note that the prototypes were a bit thicker than the released wraps)
I tried out the 6 tester with a 25 pound 16 month old who loves to straighten his legs, dance, and lean back when he’s worn. As I was one of the later testers in the traveling tester group, Fletching came to me pretty broken in, soft, floppy, and moldable. The density reminded me of Pavo’s parterre, but it was quite different to wrap with. Very little stretch, and zero sag. The thickness provided lots of cush on my shoulders, but it wasn’t overwhelming (though it would be with a tiny baby). It didn’t bounce back when he leaned out the back, that that didn’t really matter, he was so solidly in there.
Instead of my most hated carries, I tried Fletching in my most used carries – JBC with a knotless finish, and WDH with a CCCB. It held up perfectly – the passes slid easily over one another, but there was still enough grip that I only had to do a single knot in the CCCB (thank goodness – the double knot was huge!). With my second try with Fletching, I wore my wrappee for over an hour, which I rarely do anymore, and there were no pressure points, digging, sagging, or sore spots for me.
I am not a huge fan of the color, and the tapers seemed a bit deep to me, but overall, I was quite impressed. Workhorse wrap, indeed!
**I have since purchased a production-weight Fletching Slate 4, and was pleasantly surprised with the changes Kim made from the prototypes. Fletching is now lighter weight, though still dense, and breaks in quickly, providing the same lovely wrapping qualities without as much heft.

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