Ovolo Heartwood Jute (Tester)

by Drew Joseph

Ovolo Heartwood Jute

This super shorty was a challenge for me to wrap with (2.4m doesn’t give me a whole lot of wiggle room!), but it forced me to try some new carries and see if this linen blend Ovolo was supportive in 1 shoulder, single pass carries.

With just a bit of grip, but not so much that it was tough to move through a single ring finish or a slipknot, Heartwood Jute was a bit narrower than the Fletchings I’ve tried. Thinner than Fletching, Heartwood was still dense, but would be great for hotter summers.

No dig in my shoulders, though not quite as supportive as I find Fletching – some of this could have been the carries I used, as I wasn’t used to wrapping with such a short wrap.​

Ovolo Heartwood Jute Front Carry


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