Pavo Parterre Noir

by Drew Joseph

Wrap size: 6
Age/size of wrappee: 25 lbs, toddler/17 mo (have had this since the release in July 2013)
Year Released: 2013
Blend: 100% cotton
Wraps similar to: nothing  (similarly dense wraps are Tekhni Olympos and Ovolo Fletching, but neither have the stretch of parterre.)
Oh I love my noir. Mine is much more broken in now that it’s traveled all over the place, but it will always be a dense and heavy wrap. It’s far easier to wrap with now, and it falls into a puddle instead of standing up straight like it did brand new. A DH in an unbroken parterre is tough, and the chest pass usually leaves much to be desired, whereas a broken in parterre provides such an awesome chest pass – quite supportive. It will likely never drape like my thinner handwovens, or any of the menagerie, and I wouldn’t come close to calling it ace bandage-like. But it stretches, and supports, like very few other wraps.

I would never loan it to a new babywearer, but I might wear it with a newborn without passes under the legs. My 100% favorite thing about it, though? It is drop dead the most gorgeous wrap I own. I love the intricate pattern of etini, but parterre wins the pavo classy award.
Can you tell that I like it?



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