Risaroo Atarah Meadow, Review by an Experienced Wrapper

by Drew Joseph

Atarah didn’t immediately catch my attention – the pattern wasn’t quite me, and the pale green I tested was gorgeous, but not my kind of color. Then I wrapped with it. It came to me washed but unironed, and the stretch was magical – very much like the Pavo Menagerie in hand, with grip in between cheetah and giraffe, and perhaps a touch thicker.

I found it moldable and supportive with my wiggly 20 month old toddler with very specific wrapping demands. I used it in a variety of carries, and found that it really rocked double hammock variations. I was able to get a smooth and supportive chest pass without really trying. The passes spread easily, but stayed locked in place without any slippage once wrapped.

The first few wraps I got out of this really surprised me. I wasn’t getting super tight wrap jobs, but my toddler felt so comfy on my back – no digging, pinching, or the dreaded upper back/shoulder ache I often find when wrapping 26 pounds on my back these days. What was even more interesting is that when I wrapped Theo just a few inches higher and a touch tighter (after washing and ironing), Atarah was not nearly as comfy for me. A slight adjustment was all I needed though – this wrap is great for slightly sloppy carries! I found no sag (I would occasionally get sag with some of the Pavo Menagerie, so here you get both stretch and elasticity). I prefer 2 pass carries with this, but I tend to avoid single pass carries unless absolutely necessary. The other recent release that this wrap reminds me of is Vaquero Woven’s Fireflower, which was just a bit more slippery in hand.

I was a bad tester and didn’t get exact measurements, but Atarah wrapped just like a true 6, was plenty wide for a deep toddler seat, but wouldn’t be overwhelming for a newborn. I love the wide hems, the middle markers are a perfect size (but maybe off by a few inches). One of the best parts – this wrap needed no breaking in.

Depending on the price point, I would absolutely recommend Atarah for a new wrapper looking for a one and done kind of wrap.


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