Study of Woven Wings Sky Geo

by Drew Joseph


I have been insanely lucky in the past several months to try out quite a few Woven Wings. My luck continued with this silk noil geo. One of the first things you notice about it is the very strong silk smell – hard to describe what silk smells like. At this point in its travels, the silk noil was soft and floppy, fully broken in, and easy to wrap with.

I had it at the same time as a visiting Mr. K, and far preferred wrapping with the silk noil. Not as grippy as Mr. K, but not as slippery as I found both merino blends I’ve tried (light feathers and leaf gold geo). The weave is also a bit flatter than Mr. K, much more like a traditional jacquard – Mr. K is almost like a double weave, lots more cush. The silk geo was more moldable than Mr. K, and I didn’t wrestle with the passes whatsoever, even with the nubbly silk.

I measured the silk noil at 260 g/m2, though it felt denser than that in hand. Just like all other Woven Wings, silk noil geo runs narrow, at 62 cm wide. I was wrapping my toddler arms in, and had no problems whatsoever with the width. I don’t care to ruck with my Woven Wings, but in rebozo and mixed pass carries, the width is plenty. The silk isn’t as stretchy as the all cotton Woven Wings that have lived here (Titania and Puck), but that’s the nature of silk – it’s strong, and solid, without any sag or much stretch. It reminded me most of Oscha wild silk – a bit thicker and cushier than vanilla roses and okinami sia, but not as dense and heavy as JKO Jinn. I didn’t care for the color on me (actually quite similar to Oscha’s Narnia collection), but Woven Wings knows how to handle silk in their wraps.


I’ll be holding out for the lace pattern in a silk blend.


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