Yaro Basket Black

Yaro Ivy, Basket, and Turtle

by Drew Joseph

Yaro Ivy Black

I wanted to give a brief review ofthe 3 Yaro Slings that I’ve tried. I first ordered Ivy in black (size 6), and recently bought Basket in both black (size 7, for our lending library) and emerald (size 6, and almost turquoise instead of what I consider emerald green), as well as Turtle in black and gold (size 6). All 3 patterns are the most economical Yaros available right now, at 49 euros for a size 6 (came to me about $70, including shipping).

Basket and Ivy are nearly identical in wrapping qualities – they’re wider, airier/lighter, soft and lightly textured after a wash and tumble dry. Easy to wrap with – I’ve even sent Ivy to a brand new wrapper friend, and she’s found it much easier to use than the Didy she had been using from another friend. Passes glide easily, but stay put – it’s neither a grippy or a slippery wrap. As it’s not dense, it’s lovely for our hot and humid summers in Florida. Great support for a toddler, no sagging or digging. The width might be a bit much for a newborn, though.

Turtle I found to be narrower, thicker, more texture, more grip, and more cush. Same support, but it would not be my first suggestion for a new wrapper.

Yaro Turtle Black and Gold

The finishing leaves something to be desired in these wraps, but it’s better than some more expensive woven’s I’ve had. The middle markers are large and a bit rough/unattractive, but those are also easy to remove and replace with a bit of ribbon. Overall, I would recommend these three patterns to someone looking for a budget wrap that could be their only wrap.


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