Tekhni Meandros Santorini

by Anna Williams

Meandros is a 55% cotton 45% repreve blend.  The size 6 in this review measures 177″ x 27″.  Repreve is an eco-sourced polyester made from recycled materials.  The blend is reported to be comfortable for hot and humid climates.

Tekhni Meandros Santorini

Tekhni Meandros Santorini

I was recently given the opportunity to borrow a Tekhni Meandros Santorini from a friend with an on-the-way squish and an impulsive wallet.  I received it washed and dried, but my baby was the first to ride in it, and I found it needed no breaking in.  After several uses, I haven’t really noticed a difference in the feel of the fabric.  I wouldn’t consider it floppy, it has a sort of “wrinkle-free” puffiness to it, but I still found it easy to work with.

There are a number of things about this wrap that make it really intriguing.  First it does feel unique, but it’s hard to describe.  It can seem rough in hand, but it’s not actually abrasive.  It’s finely textured like linen, but not “taut” like linen.  In fact, it has a real “sproing” to it, like a trampoline.  A more experienced wrapper tells me that this is what people call “bounce”, and that it is a property often associated with wool blends.  This is very interesting because wool is very intimidating to even intermediate wrappers, and is often considered unsuitable for warm climates.

The wrap feels thick when worn.  It seems to give when pressed, like a marshmallow or a dense foam.  But I want to be clear – it isn’t saggy.  At least not with my 24# 10 month old.

Aesthetically, although I love the pattern, I am a huge fan of wraps with the wrong side.  The pattern is so even, it is impossible to distinguish one side from the other.  Even though on one side, the inner keys are white, and on the other they are blue, the pattern in so dense, you can’t tell at a distance.  That’s the nature of Greek key.


So. Loud.

I was bewildered by the double sided middle markers, but that’s kinda neat for something I view as a utility, out in the wilderness, kind of wrap.  As a hiker, I appreciate the ruggedness the wrap imparts while still being pretty.  As someone not into branding, I find the absolutely huge and loud end tags to be positively obnoxious.


At this point, I am still a novice wrapper.  I completed my first multi-pass (Christina’s Ruckless) back carry in this wrap.  I also completed a much better Wendy’s Double Hammock with Candy Cane Chest Belt after a little more practice.  It was easy for me to get the passes high on her back.  I don’t think I really got tight wrap jobs, but everything stayed in place even after a long wearing time.  I found the wrap supportive, cozy, and absolutely no dig even after a mile of walking.

This brings me to Tekhni’s claim that the Repreve blend makes these wraps excellent for hot and humid climates.  We took a mile walk in a typical Florida summer evening: 80 degrees with 80% humidity.  While my back was sweaty, and thus her front, I found no sweat under the chest pass, and none on her back under 3 layers of fabric.  In a similar scenario, the 100% cotton Ceres Saffron that is also visiting us unleashed a wave of heat as I unwrapped.

I enjoy this wrap.  I feel a bit more adventurous in it than with other wraps.  Less protective and paranoid.  There may or may not have been an incident with chocolate ice cream in its past.  I feel that the Repreve blends behave very differently from other wraps, and while I don’t think this makes wrapping challenging, I wonder if it would cause difficulty securely wrapping a squish.  Its uniqueness also makes me leery of this being a first wrap for a new wrapper.  However, I like it so much, that I would recommend it to a one-wrap household.

Happy Hiking

Happy Hiking



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