Why I Love My SSC (Soft Structured Carrier)

By Liz French Storm

I was given an Ergo for my baby shower. This Ergo came with a lot of love, and I was very excited to use it! So excited, in fact, that I put my 2 day old baby in the infant insert and walked to my apartment’s leasing office to get the guest apartment rented for my parents who were on their way to meet their grandson. (It was a slow, painful walk as I was recovering from a C-section, but my boy was snuggled happily against me).

For me, the Ergo is so easy and intuitive to use – none of the excessive amounts of fabric to wind around us, no need to worry about baby popping his seat, no need to worry about how tight the passes are, no need to worry about where the rings are! My husband is also very comfortable wearing our son in the Ergo, and is the only person able to get the baby to sleep that way.

There were several months that we didn’t use the Ergo that often. My son really didn’t want to be confined, but he was too young to be carried on my back. Additionally, with him on my front, my arms will still too short to do the dishes, eat, or anything that required two hands. My husband, however, does not have this problem!

Once my son had enough head control and I felt comfortable getting him on my back (right around 5 or 6 months), we were off to the races! He loves hanging out on my back watching the world go by. I now have the freedom to be truly hands free at the farmer’s market, in the kitchen, walking, and at meetings. Additionally, I was able to start exercising at the UF Stadium. I started going to the stadium with two other moms. After doing some warm-ups and other exercises with the babies in strollers, we would put them on our backs and climb all the steps/bleachers! Nothing like wearing a weighted backpack that gets heavier each week!

I haven’t tried any of the other SSC carriers yet because the Ergo does just what I want it to do, although we do have (and enjoy using) a ring sling, and I just got a wrap to play with.

10354684_10203569453610322_6052729582741672605_n 10410596_10203569453650323_6355189657700426591_n


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