Walters Family

title image by Amanda O’Donoughue

By Valerie Romey Walters

My babywearing journey began before I became a mama. My sister-in-law introduced me to this wonderful gift. She wore all four of her babies and on occasion I wore my nephews. She mostly wore her babies a ring sling. When I found out I was pregnant with my oldest, she made me a ring sling. After the birth of my son I found out what a life saving device that ring sling was. My son spent countless hours being worn the first year of his life. He was not happy unless he was worn and nursing. That is were he napped and that is where he was happy. And I continued to wear him through my next pregnancy.

When my oldest was 26 months old, I gave birth to twin boys. I knew I would wear them, I just had not figured out how yet. Once they were earthside, I had to figure out tandem wearing. I started out with using two ring slings but I knew I needed something different. That was when I was introduced to woven wraps. Two mamas helped me in my journey of tandem wearing; we worked on different carries to make it safe and comfortable. Wearing my twins opened a door of freedom that I needed and my oldest son needed. We were able to go to the park for playdates, go grocery shopping, and just go and do things. I did not have to lug a stroller with me, so there were no limits to what we could do. Tandem wearing my twins also helped me get out and be able to do chores on our small hobby farm. Horses and chickens still needed to be fed and cared for.

photo by Amanda O'Donoughue

photo by Amanda O’Donoughue

Four years passes before the next baby joined our family and she was wrapped in a woven wrap by the time she was just a few hours old. With four children life is busy, add in a few animal to care for and homeschooling, and it never slows down. There is always someone, something or an animal that needs my attention and my baby is on my back as we go about our daily tasks. Babywearing is a part of my daily life, there is not a day that goes by that some carrier is not used. I am forever grateful to each person that has played a role in my babywearing journey and I continue to enjoy sharing that love with others though being one of your VBEs as well as a CBE through The Babywearing Institute.



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