Little Rosalee and Me

by Stephanie Regan

Little Rosalee made her debut into our family right in the middle of my vet school career and at a time when my husband was working in DC. We decided that we were going to blow off everyone’s advice and attempt to keep on keeping on, not take any maternity leave, and figure out all the baby things as we went. Having been through at least the first seven months, we wouldn’t have done anything differently; loving every minute. But the key to our family’s day-to-day survival in the war of attrition that is being a full time mom and dad and being full time at work/in school (since we haven’t yet been able to bring ourselves to start her at a daycare), is combining our duties. The more work/school life that can concurrently be family life, the more we are able to spend these precious moments with our daughter. I used to joke when I was pregnant that I wish I could just birth a little Joey and then tell it to hop back in cause we gotta go go go! Things to do! Babywearing made this a true possibility for me and Rosalee. I take her everywhere I possibly can; she comes to school meetings, she goes to farrier wet-labs, she went to ten states in four months so I could do my working interviews, she goes grocery shopping, laundry-ing, and all things required of me for my student life, wife life, and mother life. I truly feel like I have a great career and a great home life because I am able to physically combine the two by wrapping her on and jet-setting as normal; and in turn, she is able to experience all the color and speed of life in real time. Every previously mundane task becomes an exciting adventure because we are completing it together! I am still very much in the early learning stages, but I feel comfortable with my Moby and newly bought ring sling. I can only hope that with more practice I can start to tackle the back carries and woven wraps, and then we can really be off on our adventures at top speed! Many thanks to the educators at our local BWI group for giving us the tools to do this!!


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