Taft Family

by Nicole Taft

I am Nicole Taft, we have a large family 5 children, babywearing had a slow start for me, having been a young mom, I had a over the shoulder baby holder but never knew about wraps, didn’t search the internet to research because no one in my family did it and I did not have my own computer. I didn’t like bjorns so a ring sling seemed like the only other way to go.

By time my 4th baby a friend let me try her Ergo, I liked it but didn’t pursue babywearing (gosh I wish I did, Bachelor’s work + a nursing baby was nuts). Now that I had my 5th I saw moms with moby’s and noticed other wraps, I learned of Gainesville Babywearers and decided to finally go to a meeting and get help with learning to use my Moby, also really wanted to learn to carry Ezekiel on my back after his pertussis scared me into more attachment parenting. Once I saw all the wovens I was instantly in love, I had to learn about the different fibers/blends/brands. I got a Kokadi tosba since I love turtles. Now have moved forward into other things.

At the end of the day, I can have one wrap or one ring sling or mei tai, the best part of this whole process has been being close to Ezekiel, nursing, cuddling and the convenience of taking care of my older children without having to figure out how. It is empowering and beautiful, nothing compares to him falling asleep close to me or smiling face to face from the wrap while I walk around grocery shopping, walking, etc… and also came my husband babywearing which is inspiring and beautiful. I would love all families to have this opportunity while their children are small.


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