Risaroo Kerrington Pearl Tester

by Anna Williams

Risaroo Wovens‘ first release in the New Oralia collection features more detailed weaving structures in more sophisticated designs.

Kerrington Pearl is a lovely 50% ecru cotton and 50% mercanized ecru fill, and comes to a good 316 gsm post wash.

Hems are of a medium width.  This tester measured 67cm or 27.5″ wide.  A good medium width by today’s standards.

First Impressions:

flat shotThis size 6 tester came to me pre-washed and pre-worn by a previous tester.  I was immediately struct by the opaline shimmer.  Pearl’s certainly not a misnomer!  The pattern reminds me of a bed of oysters rendered in lace. I can’t wait to see the custom dye jobs people put this through.  Soft is a bit of an understatement, it has a glassy smoothness in hand, but a fine texture that will provide it balanced grip.  It feels hefty and supple in hand.  Give it a squeeze and it gives like a high density foam — smooshy, as they say.

On first ups, it has proven easy to wrap with. A nice, moderate stretch with a spring-like return, it molds well and has a touch of bounce.

First Ups

I found it cushy and supportive with my 25# 13 mo. DRS2S was my favorite carry in this wrap.  TUBbing was actually a pleasant experience and the results were adorable. Even in a ruck tied tibetan, the cush protected my shoulders from the usual oppressive strain.  In subsequent Double Hammocks, I found that passes glide quite well, with just the right amount of texture to hold in place.

Shorty Test:


I spent just under an hour in a Double Rebozo with Candy Cane Chest Belt (and mega tails) with a sleeping toddler.  Kerrington Pearl passed the test with flying colors.  It rocks the shorty.

Endurance Test:

wrapping in the wild

We took 25# 32″ baby A out on Bolen Bluff trail this morning. The trail is a total of 3 miles there and back. It took us just under two hours to get through it. It was nice out, but very bright. In the open areas, it got pretty hot. 77*. Nice enough for Florida, but I could feel my skin cooking.

Surprisingly, I don’t feel that Kim Possible (my nickname for Kerrington Pearl at this point) was contributing to any heat. Areas under and around the wrap actually seemed less sweaty. I’m going to contribute this to the nati color reflecting light and heat, but it’s still a perk worth mentioning.

We went with regular double hammock tied in front. This is my favorite carry for hikes, as you can switch to a torso carry if your shoulders start to hurt, or you can adjust to capture your baby’s head if they get all floppy in their sleep.

As I suspected, I never once felt compelled to switch to a torso carry to relieve my shoulders. They felt great the whole way.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, K.P. Has moderate stretch with impressive snap back. I have found her to be supportive without being solid, with just a touch of bounce. I don’t have a lot of experience with cush, but this definitely has that marshmallow feel. It’s honestly impossible not to fondle the tails while you walk. I love smooshing the knot. It’s on the large side, but it doesn’t dig.

A has fallen asleep every time she’s been in K.P. So I did have to adjust to a lexi twist, not to spare my shoulders, but to capture her head a little better so she wasn’t posing for the water in flashdance. In a lexi dh, this wrap got pretty close to emulating a little cloud backpack with my baby snuggled in the pillowy froth.

pillow backpack

I may have accidentally on purpose forgot my usual around town wrap when we went to the mall. So Kerrington got another shot at a long haul, spending 30 minutes in a back carry, and then rocking the awkward toddler nursing fwcc for an hour.

Final Notes:

Kerrington Pearl is beautiful, yet doesn’t look out of place in your day clothes (or your yoga pants).  She feels decadent, but she is not fragile.  She can snuggle the smallest of babes yet support the hefty kids too.  She works hard and feels great in any length, and in any carry.

It’s just delicious ya’ll. Get it in your favorite size!


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