Tekhni Thalia Midas Traveler Review

by Kim Kruse

I received my first Tekhni tester this week. I had no idea which wrap was coming, so opening the Tyvek envelope made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I’ve been eyeing all the new Tekhni releases, so I couldn’t wait to see what awesome surprise would be inside.

It turned out to be Thalia Midas, which is an earlier wrap in the Tekhni lineup. I’m a sucker for anything in mustard yellow, so this wrap had me at hello. It was hard to capture the wrap’s full beauty because it was overcast when I was taking pictures, but trust me when I say themercerized cotton makes for a lovely, shimmery finish.

Buttshot in Thalia Midas Wrong Side out

I totally fell in love with the gold color that dominates the wrong side of the wrap. Not surprisingly, that’s the side I chose to face out when wrapping. Don’t get me wrong–the right side is pretty too. It’s just a deeper shade of gold that’s closer to antique gold or brass. I feel like the two tone color scheme could be helpful for new wrappers, since it’s easy to distinguish the right and wrong sides while wrapping.

FWCC Squish in Thalia Midas

Right now I’m wrapping a 10-pound squish, so I stuck with an easy, go-to carry for us — front wrap cross carry (FWCC). The wrap initially felt stiff in hand when I took it out of the package, even though it had visited several other mamas. That being said, I’m used to my Tekhni Meandros Santorini, which is a Repreve blend that immediately transformed into soft and floppy with a single wash. Once I wrapped with Thalia, I realized it was plenty soft for wrapping a squish–not at all stiff or beastly. Thalia was plenty supportive for us, and I think it would continue to shine for heavy toddlers since it has such a tight weave.

I didn’t try any back wraps, but I feel like the mercerized cotton gives it the right amount of glide for positioning multi-pass carries while still leaving enough grip to keep things locked in place.

I’m relatively new to wrapping, but I’d call this a mid-weight wrap with good structure. It’s soft enough for a squish but sturdy enough for a toddler. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking this beautiful workhorse wrap amidst all the new Tekhni wraps on the market. It’s a beautiful, solid wrap that deserves another look.

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