Risaroo Sagitta Dahlia

By Anna Williams

Sagitta Dahlia is a 55% cotton, 45% Tencel woven wrap from Risaroo Wovens’ Fairhope Collection.  Tencel is a sustainably sourced fiber.  The wrap in this review is a size 6 (4.6 m).

I am blessed to be in an active chapter with generous mamas who, for reasons unfathomable, trust me with their wraps on a regular basis. I don’t even ask to ‪#‎borrowallthewraps‬. Seriously. They just show up.

My most recent surprise guest is Sagitta Dahlia, a gorgeous scarlet and white tencel blend from Risaroo Wovens.

I’ll be honest, I’m still coming off a contact high from the Kerrington Pearl tester, and so I spent a few days being irrational bummed that Dahlia was not exactly the same as that marvelous creature.

But I doggedly set my sights on finding the love, and I have found Dahlia performs very well despite being very different from Kerrington Pearl.

Hanging lights with Dahlia

The Tencel Sagittas are soft. Like favorite sweater, childhood blankie soft. Kerrington in Merc Cotton is lux, like thick satin. The Tencel Sagittas have moderate stretch. More than most linen or hemp blends, less than medium thick cotton (less than Kerrington). They have no snapback, which was my first point of sadness after the delightful guitar string twang Pearl gave me. There is smooshiness, but only a hint in comparison to K.P.’s marshmallow dreaminess.

Dahlia is solid. Exquisitely supportive for something so profoundly soft. Despite its strength, it does not feel oppressive on the shoulders, even over long distances.

The Sagitta pattern is finely textured, and you might think it would be slippery, especially with the softness of tencel, but I have done numerous knotless finishes and experienced zero slip or sag.

There is a faint shimmer in the tencel warp. It is not as opalescent as a merc warp, but it’s not flat like a cotton either. The Dahlia scarlet is a must have for red lovers. It’s delightful for the holiday season, but not out of place in summer. The arrow motif of the Sagittas is well scaled, classy, timeless, and creates delightful contrast in two sided carries. I had entirely too much fun with it, as you can see.

Different Finishes with Dahlia

I highly recommend these wraps (and all Risaroos I’ve had my hands on) to new and experienced wrappers alike, squish to toddler worthy, absolutely, ESPECIALLY these tencel sagittas. I hope to see more tencel from Risaroo in the Oralia collection.


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