Lalu Wovens Lenox Sugarplum Tester

by Anna Williams

Lalu Wovens Lenox Sugarplum is a well balanced wrap.  Blankety with subtle texture, a fair amount of stretch, and minimal rebound; it has excellent drape, feels hefty yet medium weight in hand.  It carries supportively, with no slip or sag, and feels solid yet pliable on the shoulders.  Sugarplum is a delicious violet-plumb ombré weft with a white cotton warp in a classy, metro pattern. This wrap releases Thursday, February 12th, 2015 at 1pm ESTon


Lalu Lenox Sugarplum This is the finest grain machine grad I have seen, though it’s hard to say to what extent the subtlety of the colorshift contributes to this. The dusky violet and ruddy plumb work well together. In the sunlight, the ombré makes the wrap appear to glow or shimmer. I find it keeps the dots grounded and prevents the pattern from swimming. The pattern is very metro/sci fi. I quite enjoy it. I’d say that this is despite my general taste in pattern but honestly there’s not much in this style out there. Some of the more binary patterns like Apogee, Ceres, Double Helix, or Migaloo are the only ones I could think of, and they are not quite as organic. The pattern feels future biomedical to me in the best possible way. I have no appropriate segue for adding that it also reminds me of a game of Go. I think I’d like to see this pattern in a warp/weft combination as subtle as the machine grad. Something like charcoal and slate. Annnnd now that will never happen. Damn.

In hand

Hefty, but not thick. Excellent drape. Substantial stretch, yet mild snap-back. Dry (but as someone who happens to own exclusively soapy or at least hydrophilic wraps, I don’t feel put off by it, and I welcome other testers to correct me, as this property is not a strength of mine). There was not a single crease in it from being packed. I honestly had flashes of repreve while handling it, and had to check the tag (100% cotton). The texture is subtle over the pattern. I wonder what it is like pre-iron, as this arrived washed and ironed.


pfau plum At 70 cm wide, seat making for a toddler (33″, 27# 15 mo) is easy. Despite the width, the wrap still rested nicely on my shoulders without slipping off (but I don’t have narrow shoulders, necessarily). The passes lock in place, but glide well — double hammock is not a struggle in this wrap. Tightening is easy, but this wrap forgives a sloppy job, and it is possible to be overzealous with the tightening. Knots well, though largish. Rucks in Lenox are surprisingly comfortable. I say this admitting to being a ruck-hater, and also not claiming to have picky shoulders. If you’re looking for a wrap you can whip into a rock solid ruck for a shopping run, and you want to look savvy doing it, this is your ruck wrap. If you’re looking for a wrap you can get a cloudy, weightless ruck in, this one’s not for you. If you’re like me, and it’s all double hammock all the time, Lenox Sugarplum is easy to work with, comfortable to wear, even with a rambunctious toddler, and stylish. I have worn Lenox in several carries over several hours, including shopping, at the mall, and on nature walks.  The carry holds through long ups and the wrap stays put and remains comfortable on my shoulders. Wraps like Feels similar to some Pavo Form stuff. Reminds me personally of Tekhni Olympos Lilac (shortie). I’d be interested to know how others think it compares to Apogee, as what I read seems similar, but I have no business actually comparing them. You’ll like it if — You like stretch.  You like solid. You don’t like to fight a chest pass. You like techie patterns. You like wider stuff. You might pass if — You demand soapy or cushy wraps. You need big texture. You get the shivers from dry wraps. Squish?  You can. But this wouldn’t be my go to. Toddler?  Absolutely yes. For reference, mine is 27#, 33″, 15 mo. Just barely still in 2T. Preschooler?  Maybe. I think so. Shortie?  It’s a lovely shorty.


Check out my original review of Lenox Sugarplum in the Lalu Wovens Lalu Lovers Facebook Group. hiking

About Lalu

Lalu Wovens is a new wrap manufacturer in Atlanta, GA.  They use a local seamstress to finish their wraps, which are woven in a mill in North Carolina.



One thought on “Lalu Wovens Lenox Sugarplum Tester

  1. sassycrafter says:

    I always love the details you throw into your reviews. I hadn’t thought about how it resembles Go, but I’d course now that’s all I’ll think of. That and mitosis, since it kind of like like cells dividing. Oh, and gorgeous pictures by the way!


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