Love My Shorty Workshop – June Recap

On June 25, BWI of Gainesville hosted our first in a three part series of Love My Shorty workshops. Summer in Florida can be brutally hot and while wrapping a child can be a caregiver’s best friend for wrangling cranks, the extra heat of multiple layers of fabric can be discouraging. Shorties to the rescue!!


Shorties are wraps that are base minus 4 through base minus 2 – so 1 to 2 meters less fabric than one would use in a base sized carry.


The Love My Shorty workshop series features small class sizes so that educators can provide individual attention with participants on learning new carries. BWI wants to thank our educators Sarah, Anne, Kathleen, and Carly for their work in putting on our first workshop.

We focused on front carries at the June workshop. Workshop attendees learned

  • Two variations for a No-Sew Ring Sling
  • Front Traditional Sling Carry
  • Front Torso Carry
  • Two variations of Short Front Cross Carry


Workshop attendees got to check out one of the library’s shorties in addition to their regular June Lending Library check out. To try out some of the new carries taught at the workshop, attendees were also given the opportunity to purchase sling rings – used for finishing techniques for various carries – at below retail.


Everyone had a wonderful time – as the wrappees will attest to from the smiles and sleepy dust! We hope that everyone is excited for the workshop series to continue. The next workshop is tentatively set for July 30 at 2pm with a focus on hip carries. Keep your eyes peeled for a sign up post in our Facebook group and on our blog under the Events tab!


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