New to You – Additions to the BWI Lending Library for July 2016!

The volunteers of BWI Gainesville hope that everyone is excited for our July meeting! To stoke the fires a little more, we wanted to showcase additions to our Lending Library this past month that will be ready for checkouts on Saturday, July 23!

  1. 2Lambie semi wrap conversion buckle onbu with Oscha Phaise Victoria panel, baby size (Infants sitting self-supported (approx 8 mos) through – 2 yrs, 15-45lbs, 14-16″ seat).

2016-07 - ll additions - 2lambie

We have been wanting to an onbuhimo style carrier for months and are grateful to Kim Kruse for scouting out this deal for us at the International Babywearing Conference. Onbuhimo were developed in Japan around 1930. Japanese caregivers had used babywearing as a tool for centuries prior in a combination of wearing a child on a (usually) mother’s back, under her kimono / against her skin, with the child secured with a “himo,” a long, thin cloth.  This traditional wearing positioned the child high on the mother’s back so the baby could see over her shoulder. As traditional clothing transitioned into more modern clothing, Japanese manufacturers developed the onbuhimo. The onbuhimo is similar to a meh dai in that has a body panel and wrap style shoulder straps. The straps would loop through rings or fabric loops at the waist, pulling the panel up to create a seat, and then tie off. The modified buckle onbuhimo has replaced the shoulder straps and rings or fabric loops with the padded shoulders and buckles commonly seen in a soft structure carrier. Due to the obvious similarities, this type carrier is sometimes also called a waistless soft structure carrier. Since there is no waistband for this carrier type, it can be great for wearers who are pregnant, have digestive disorders where the pressure of waistbands would be problematic, or find that normal waistbands do not fit them well.

You can find out more about traditional onbuhimo at

You can find out more about 2Lambie and their carriers at

 2. Obimama welter weight meh dai, short stage 2 panel, medium straps and waist with Kombi style straps in “Urban Bike Ride” design.

2016-07 - ll additions - obimama

We have been wanting to expand our meh dai selection for many months and were lucky enough to stumble upon this Obimama meh dai at a bargain price. Meh dais are traditional carriers seen in Asian cultures, with the word “meh dai” originating from Cantonese.

Kim Kruse has dubbed Obimamas the “Cadillac of meh dais”. They are 100% handmade meh dais. Welter weight meh dais have tissue weight linen for the shoulder straps and waist straps with the waist band area being quilted for comfort. Medium indicates 80” shoulder straps and 70” waist straps. Kombi style straps have 15″x 3″  padding folded into the upper rail of the shoulder strap. They are flexible, quilted for stability, and feature a distinctive curved edge. They do not unfold to the full strap width at the shoulder, and tend to be preferred for those with petite figures. The Short Stage 2 panel is 16” height by 18” width. The width makes this size suggested for toddlers. This meh dai also features knee pads for the wrappee’s comfort and an adjustable hood. “Urban Bike Ride” features teal linen with pin tucks and bike appliques on one side and is fully reversible to display an organic cotton bike print in lime green, teal, and cream.

 You can find more about meh dais at ( You can find more about Obimama and their carriers at

 3. Catbird Baby Pikkolo, Annika soft structure carrier

2016-07 - ll additions - pikkolo

We are excited to return a Catbird Baby Pikkolo to our library. Our original Metropolitan print had gone missing several months back, but through clever swap hunting, we were able to add an “Annika” print.

Pikkolo Features include:

  • No infant insert required
  • The only carrier with high-performance premium memory foam in the shoulder straps, which allows for a snug, secure fit that molds to your body without bulk
  • Unpadded waist is worn higher on the body; easier to sit, more comfortable for moms recovering from birth (no abdominal pressure), keeps baby high and close (“visible and kissable”) in natural in-arms position
  • Our unique tapered shoulder strap shape is more comfortable when you back carry (less bulk under your arm)
  • Dual-adjustable buckles mean you never have to pull up and back to tighten your straps
  • Adjustable base allows you cinch the carrier width to perfectly fit your baby from day one and enables an ergonomic facing forward carry
  • Five carrying positions take you from newborn to toddler (8 to 40 lbs.)
  • Attached sleeping hood tucks into its own pocket for storage and rolled-up hood offers neck support for newborns without obscuring the face
  • Straps cross in an X on your back for a front carry for maximum comfort and ease of use
  • Feels like a wrap (cuddly and close), but with the convenience and ease of premium Duraflex buckles
  • Perfect for travel; no other fully-featured soft structured carrier folds as small and compact as the Pikkolo

You can find out more about Catbird Baby and their carriers at

4. Babylonia BB-Tai meh dai in “Red Chili”

2016-07 - ll additions - bbtaiThe BB-Tai is inspired by traditional Asian Meh Dai carriers. The sash-style tying system is simple to use, adjustable, and comfortable for both wearer and child and is specially woven to wrap around the curves of baby and wearer. The BB-Tai is suitable for kangaroo care (skin-to-skin carrying) and breastfeeding. It can be used to carry the baby in front, on your hip, or on your back. It can be worn by adults of all sizes, as well as children and adolescents who would like to carry the baby. The BB-Tai features a removable infant insert, so baby can be safely carried, right from birth.

Shoulder straps are 78″ long and the waistband is 80″ long.


  • Appropriate for newborn babies up to toddlers.
  • Includes a removable pouch for small babies.
  • Integrated head support to stabilize baby’s head when sleeping.
  • Compact, lightweight and can be worn in all seasons.
  • Includes a special zippered bag for storage.
  • 8-33lbs

You can find out more about Babylonia and their carriers at

 5. Cloth of Kin “Misty Mountains” wrap converted ring sling.

2016-07 - ll addiitions - COKCloth of Kin is a weaving studio based in Alberta, Canada. “Misty Mountains” is made from 100% cotton and features a blue, purple, and green warp with pin striping accents in the tail. It is 76” which makes it a slightly long medium. The shoulder was converted by Sew Funky, a Canadian based converter, in the accordion pleated style with blue rings.

 You can find out more about Cloth of Kin at  You can find out more about Sew Funky at

6. Yaro La Fleur Summer Rainbow wrap converted ring sling.

2016-07 -ll additions - yaro

Yaro is an EU based budget line of woven baby carriers. The owner of this company also owns and operates Solnce, a luxury line of woven baby carriers. The fibers may be different, but the quality of weaving and performance are neck and neck, and for a fraction of the cost! La Fleur is a floral design featuring repeating flower buds. The Summer Rainbow colorway features a transition between multiple pastel colors. This is a thin weight ring sling in 100% cotton so it is wonderfully breathable. The shoulder was converted by Yaro and is gathered style with silver rings.

You can find out more about Yaro and their carriers at

7. Ovolo Fletching Morocco, 4 (top wrap in photo)

2016-07 - ll additions - ovolo

Fletching Morocco is woven on a gorgeous cream-colored warp with a blue weft. Tagged as a 3, this wrap actually clocks in as a 3.65m so is a 4! Brand new, Fletching can be a bit “beastly” at first. Thankfully ours comes to us second hand and has broken in nicely to a soft drape and almost silky feel and will provide the amazing support for you and your babe. Due to its heavier weight, Fletching is most appropriate for older infants and toddlers. Woven in the USA, and finished in Bozeman, MT. 100% cotton, 305 gsm.

 You can find out more about Ovolo and their carriers at

8.  Tula infant insert

2016-07 - ll additions - tula insertThe Infant Insert makes it possible to carry your small infant or newborn in your Tula Baby Carrier, and is required for use with a baby between 7-15 pounds. The insert enables the cozy carrying position, ensuring adequate head/neck support and healthy maturation of the spine in a front carry.

 The Infant Insert includes an integrated harness which secures baby to the insert. The Infant Insert is used with a Standard Tula.

 You can find out more about Tula and their carriers at

 9&10. Professional weighted dolls!!

2016-07 - ll additions - doll

They are still pending a wardrobe, but you will be meeting “Faith”, a 3 month old, and “Rita”, an 8 month old, who will be helping out our educators as they demonstrate carries of all types. These are fully weighted dolls so they mimic carrying a child and can also be used by caregivers if you have a non-compliant wearee during a meeting (we have all been there).

Don’t forget that if anything strikes your fancy and you want to make sure to check it out from Saturday’s meeting, you can use our reservation system. $5 reserves the carrier for you. All wraps and ring slings are eligible. Other carriers are subject to confirmation that your wearee is the appropriate size/age for the carrier. Please PM Anne Rush or email to reserve a carrier. Reserved carriers are available for pickup starting at 11am (even if you are checking them out, we want everyone to see them demo-ed). If you have not picked up a carrier by 11:45am it will be released for general checkout.




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