Membership Drive 2016

Drawings! Prizes! Lending Library additions! We have a lot planned for YOU during this year’s Membership Drive.


BWI of Gainesville, FL just started our third year as an official BWI chapter and has awesome plans for expanding our chapter services and member benefits in the upcoming year! Our goal is to make being a part of this chapter enjoyable, informative, and rewarding. Over the past year, our volunteers and Board of Directors have been hard at work preparing some special incentives for chapter members. We hope you are as excited as we are about them!

Supporting Our Mission
The goal of our chapter is to support and educate caregivers about the art of babywearing. As a non-profit organization the leaders spend countless hours preparing for and running monthly meetings, doing paperwork, working on continuing education, providing one on one advice to caregivers between meetings, putting on outreach events in the community, and more. As volunteers our payment comes in the form of seeing the chapter grow, helping caregivers find the love of babywearing, and seeing little ones safely and happily enjoying an “up.” We know that like us, each of you sees babywearing as a valuable parenting tool. What better way to show your support of something you love than to become a member of an organization that shares that idea?

Membership Drive Information
From now through the end of Friday, September 30, 2016, we will be holding a membership drive with giveaways and incentives for members of the chapter! We are setting a goal of 30+ new or renewing memberships which will allow us to purchase some amazing items for the Lending Library. As we hit different membership amounts, we will have both a member giveaway and a new Lending Library purchase!

Members Achieved Prize Giveaway Chapter Addition


Wrap Scrap Conversions babywearing keychain, car decal and magnet14054106_10105228582829941_739874002416100110_n Wallypop meh dai (example, not specific carrier)Wallypop


Teal wrap scrap Didymos Key chain, Bbay K’Tan phone car decal and magnet13907029_10105228582705191_545931037719491389_n Mokosh Hyades Skye RS size small, symmetrical pleated shoulderMokosh


‘Carry Me’ Babywearing Book, car decal and magnet Firespiral Elements line woven wrap size 6


Crunchy Laundry detergent package, Woven change bag, and magnet13814046_10105228582550501_2618083366565093677_n 2 Wallypop ring onbuhimos (YES 2!!!) (example, not specific carriers)Onbuhimo


Pavo Canvas bag, teething necklace, and surprise goodies14055081_10105228582365871_7457220858547052406_n Kinderpack standard w/ plus straps (example, not specific carrier)Kinderpack


Babylonia Wrap conversion bag with surprise goodies14021705_10105228582191221_2784796300925483334_n Two Ring Slings: 1)Timewarp Handwovens Blue Sandstone 2)Ethos Phoebe Sunshine’s Gratitude cotton/banana silk handwoven RS; both size smalltimewarp


Surprise Ring Sling Oscha Japanese Knots Ooki Gaius – Pre-schooler sized Padded waist Conversion


Earning Entries

  • Each member that has a current membership as of 11:59pm on August 1, 2016 will receive an entry for the drawings. This does not count toward meeting the drive numbers for giveaways and Lending Library purchases.
  • Any new or renewing membership before 11:59pm on September 30, 2016 gets an entry. You may renew more than once if you wish.
  • If you are a current, new, or renewing member during the drive, you can provide a short testimonial about a BWI of Gainesville, FL chapter member who inspired part of your babywearing journey for an extra entry for both you and the other member. Testimonials will be published at the end of the drive. Limit of one nomination per nominating member. No limit on entries generated from being a nominated member.

If you would like to become a member or renew, please send $30, $45, or *$15 (special upgrade to family) via PayPal to If you don’t use PayPal, you can also join at the next meeting! You also need to complete the membership information form. YOUR ENTRY IS NOT COMPLETE AND WILL NOT COUNT UNLESS YOU HAVE COMPLETED BOTH THE PAYMENT AND THE FORM!

The Fine Print

  • You must be a BWI of Gainesville, FL member at the time of a giveaway to be entered to win the giveaway item.
  • Any renewal membership will have 12 months added to the end of their existing membership per renewal purchased.
  • Testimonials recognizing non-members will not earn the non-member an entry for any giveaways, but will still earn the nominating member an extra entry.
  • Giveaway drawings will be done on the day after we hit a goal. All memberships that have been paid in full by 11:59pm on the day of hitting the goal will qualify for the drawing on the following day.
  • There are no restrictions to the amount of times you can win.
  • will be used to generate a winner for each giveaway item.
  • Winners may pick up prizes at the next meeting, can pick up at a leader’s house, or may pay cost of shipping for it to be mailed.


Gift Certificates Available

Do you have a friend or family member in the area who is expecting, adopting,or fostering?
We offer gift certificate memberships! This is the gift that keeps giving for an ENTIRE YEAR!
We would be happy to give you a gift certificate to be presented to the recipient. Gift certificate memberships are $30, like all memberships. They may be redeemed any time up to one year from the date of purchase. To activate the membership, the recipient will need to complete the membership application form, but there will be no additional payment due. Actual membership rights will extend a year from the date the form is completed. This is a wonderful gift to give a new parent or a veteran parent who has never learned about the incredible world of babywearing.
*If you would like to purchase a one-year membership on behalf of another person, please contact Anne at

We want all caregivers to be able to experience the joy, freedom and cuddles that babywearing provides. We need your help to do that though. By supporting this chapter you are supporting the practice of babywearing – making it visible and accessible to more and more caregivers and little ones in our area. We hope you will come along for the ride!

For questions about membership status and the membership drive, please email a chapter leader at





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