September Meetings

Each month BWI of Gainesville, FL offers a public meeting to educate, support, and spread the love to all current and future babywearers in the community. This month, BWI of Gainesville is pleased to announce that there will be TWO official monthly meetings! We have listened to you and have garnered enough volunteers to host a monthly weekday meeting in addition to our Saturday meetings.

Each meeting is FREE and open to the public. However, we would like to recommend joining, renewing, or upgrading membership during this year’s membership drive! From 8/1 to 9/30, when we meet a goal we will have a Prize Drawing for members AND add a NEW Lending Library carrier!!! So far there have been three new carriers added to our libraries and three prize winners, with many more opportunities remaining.

Monday meeting

Monday, September 12, 10am-11:30am

This will be our first official Southwest Monday Meeting! The meeting will be held at the Tower Road Library Branch at 3020 SW 75th St in Gainesville.

Volunteer Babywearing Educators will be available to assist caregivers with their personal carriers, or can help find a new carrier option through the Lending Library.

The Lending Library for this meeting will be separate from the Saturday Northwest meeting’s Lending Library. Members are encouraged to check out carriers to practice for the month. Carriers will be due back no later than the first 15 minutes of the next Southwest Monday meeting, scheduled for October 10.

Since this is the first month with two meetings, those members who choose to transition to this weekday meeting as their main meeting may return carriers that they borrowed in August from the Saturday Northwest Meeting.Going forward, carriers will need to be returned to the meeting that they were borrowed from, or arrange a private drop off with a volunteer.

Caregivers who wish to check out carriers from each monthly meeting can upgrade to a family membership, allowing two check outs per month. More information about BWI membership can be found here.



Saturday, September 17, 10am-12pm

This meeting is FREE and open to the public. We will be meeting at LifeSouth, located at 4039 W. Newberry Rd in Gainesville.

Our team of Volunteer Babywearing Educators will be available to assist caregivers with personal carriers to achieve best fit and maximum comfort. VBEs can also help find new carrier solutions through the Lending Library.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

Regardless of which meeting you choose to attend this month, remember to bring your Terracycle packages to support our growing chapter.


We hope everyone is happy and healthy! If you or your kids are under the weather, please be courteous and avoid sharing illness at BWI of Gainesville meetings and play dates. Please do not attend if anyone in your household has had a fever within the last 48 hours, has a deep cough or thick mucous in the nose, a rash, or has been sick with a stomach virus in the last 48 hours.

illness graphic

For more information about this and other BWI of Gainesville events, please contact a chapter volunteer at



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