Babywearing Everywhere

Have you noticed babywearing appear on your favorite TV show or as you read a book to your child? Do you get excited when you spot a babywearer in pop culture? We asked our members where they have seen babywearing in the media and the results came from all over the entertainment industry.

TV shows:

daniel-tigerDaniel Tiger

img_20160927_165725960Dadd-O can often be seen wearing Baby Igor on Disney Junior’s Henry Hugglemonster. Even older siblings pitch in and wear him from time to time.

odd-squadOdd Squad

walking-deadThe Walking Dead – Carl wearing his baby sister

once-upon-a-timeOnce Upon A Time – Ashley (Cinderella) wears her baby

baby-daddyBaby Daddy – Ben is often seen wearing his daughter Emma


harry-potterHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Hagrid babywearing Baby Harry, bringing him to his Aunt and Uncle’s house on Privet Drive.

what-to-expectWhat to Expect When You’re Expecting – All the Dad’s meet up at the park with all their kids

hangoverThe Hangover

jane-the-virginJane the Virgin – Jane is ‘helped’ by a babywearing mom while completing her baby registry

pacifierThe Pacifier


Ahsoka is Hutt-wearing in Clone Wars


the-helpThe Help by Kathryn Stockett

everywhere-babiesEverywhere Babies by Susan Meyers

Berenstein Bears.jpgThe Berenstain Bears’ Baby Makes Five

ride-on-mothers-backA Ride on Mother’s Back by Emery and Durga Bernhard

Comic Books:

wonder-womanWonder Woman

Video Games:

world-of-warcraftWorld of Warcraft – a quest in which you wear a baby moose-person in a basket and take it back to its mother. Later you have to fetch it’s grumpy deaf grandmother who immediately takes the baby off the mothers back to wear it for a few seconds then gives it back.


playmobilPlaymobil Babywearing


Where have you seen babywearing in entertainment?



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