Taking Bwelfies

Bwelfie : noun. A picture taken of ones self while babywearing.

Are you the kind of person who takes ten pictures before finally getting one that you can settle with? Do you watch the threads on the chatter page wondering how all those wearers get such great photos from a cell phone camera?  You are not alone! We asked one of our Babywearing Educators for her best tips for bwelfies. This is what she had to say:

Tip 1: Find the camera lens and look into it when you take your picture. But remember, your smile matters most. Wild eyes is a common side effect of looking into the lens “too hard.”

Tip 2: Hold the phone steady. Many selfie cams have voice activated controls (“say cheese”), or shutter timers that delay the photo for a few seconds so you can hit your button and then steady the phone. I find the timer takes too long and my kid always looks away. So I hold my phone in a strange way to stabilize it. Some phones can use a real button for the shutter, usually the volume down button, but, especially with a case, pushing this button is very unstable.

Tip 3: Lighting is always best outside and under cover (diffuse lighting in the shade). If you have something really bright in the background the camera is going to try to adjust for the full spectrum of light and dark, prioritizing light, and you’ll be blacked out.

Tip 4: For backgrounds I either try to find something fairly nice, or something that isn’t distracting. I don’t really try to hide the mess of my house. It’s not possible. If something in the background is the most important, it can be easiest to capture with a landscape orientation. Like when my family goes on a walk and I try to get my husband and eldest in frame.

I usually take at least three pictures for every one I post. Usually more. And my best pictures are on vacation, because 1) I’m happy 2) I’m always outside 3) mountains have better lighting 4) no one looks at you funny for taking selfies on vacation.

anna-grandfather-mountainMy absolute favorite right now is this tandem on top of the mile high bridge on grandfather mountain in North Carolina.

Something else: All my internet friends are surprised when I tell them I’m only 5’5.” They all think I’m tall. I realized it’s because I always take my photos from lower angles. Most take them from above because it’s slimming.

Usually my favorite bwelfies are accidents. Like I was just taking a regular selfie and some magic happened and it’s just perfect.

 anna-magicHere’s one that was total magic accident. This one is all about the wrap. I accidentally captured the perfect colors and you can see the weave structure and it’s just lovely.

Now that you know all the secrets to taking bwelfies, go out and create some magic! Someday your kids will love to look back on all the things you experienced together thanks to babywearing.

Special thanks to our own Anna Williams, ABE, for all of her bwelfie tips!




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