Natasha Restuccia – A Calming Effect

by Natasha Restuccia

natasha-testimonialFrom the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to babywear. The idea of having my child close and my hands free sounded amazing. I did a little research and decided on a linen ring sling as my first carrier. Long story short, we hated it! Even though I watched countless youtube videos I didn’t know what I was doing, and trying to put a screaming baby into a ring sling was not fun. Fortunately I had friends who were already deep into the babywearing world and bought me a membership to BWI of Gainesville. The first meeting I went to was a newborn wearing workshop. It was at this class that I learned how to wear using a woven wrap. Our lives changed that day! When we were both at wits end, I could wrap my baby up and it was like an instant calming effect! After borrowing a woven wrap from a generous friend I bought my first one followed by an SSC. Once I went back to work, babywearing gave us a chance to be close and snuggle after being away from each other all day, and some days I needed it just as much as she did!

Eleven months later and we are still happily babywearing, and thanks to the monthly meetings and lending library I am now a huge fan of ring slings. Going to meetings and getting one on one help from one of the VBEs was invaluable and still is! I was so nervous at the first few meetings I attended, yay introvert, but everyone is more than friendly. I have enjoyed my time with BWI so much that I even volunteer now and I have gained so much from babywearing that I excitedly tell every babywearing mama I see out about our chapter. I dread the day my little one decides she doesn’t need to go up anymore but until then I will continue to wear her whenever I can!


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