What to expect at a BWI Gainesville meeting

Curious about what happens at a babywearing meeting? At Babywearing International of Gainesville, we are here to answer all caregiver needs and questions. Whether this is your first meeting or your hundredth, the following itinerary should help ease any lingering uncertainties.


At BWI, we provide FREE consultations to the public. Membership is not required, although it is recommended, as there are many benefits! Our meetings are located at various venues; more information can be found on the facebook event page or the events page here on our blog. If there are any additional concerns or questions, please reach out to us via private message or email (insert hyperlink).


When you first arrive at a meeting, there will be an area designated to sign in. Here, you will find a few different forms, including a safety disclosure and photo release (this is optional; photos are sometimes shared on the blog and in our chatter group). If you have any questions, there will be a VBE (volunteer babywearing educator), CSV (chapter support volunteer), or ABE (advanced babywearing educator) to greet and assist you.

After checking in, you will find an area set up for library returns. Our chapter has a Lending Library full of all kinds of different carriers for you and your family to try. BWI chapter memberships are $30 per year and provide you one free checkout from the library per month, among other benefits. Non-members may also access the library through a $10 rental fee and deposit. The carriers will be organized by style and size throughout the room, and you can find individual information on our BWI tags attached to each carrier. We try to let everyone have a chance to see the variety, so there will be a designated time to begin checkouts which will be discussed in the introduction.

There will be a short introduction of our chapter volunteers, different styles of carriers, and some Babywearing 101. We will then break out into different areas for more detailed demonstrations, usually with at least one ABE/VBE for each style carrier. If you missed the volunteer introduction, no problem! The volunteers can be identified by orange and white headbands with the BWI logo on them and will try their best to give one on one advice where needed, but this will be dependent on the size of the group as well as the number of volunteers available. If you need further assistance past the meeting time, please let us know and we will do what we can to help you!

We will make an announcement as we draw near to the end of the meeting. If you have not yet checked out a carrier, this would be a good time. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about the carrier before leaving! Any help that you are able to give in cleaning up and organizing is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

Some things to keep in mind :

  • Children of all ages are always welcome! However, if you or your kids are under the weather, please be courteous and avoid sharing illness at BWI of Gainesville meetings and play dates. Please do not attend if anyone in your household has had a fever within the last 48 hours, has a deep cough or thick mucous in the nose, a rash, or has been sick with a stomach virus in the last 48 hours.
  • Please feel free to bring your own carrier(s) or use one from our library. If you are still pregnant or are attending without your baby, we also have weighted demo dolls to use for practice.
  • We are an all inclusive group in a judge free zone.




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