Be Thankful – Babywearing Edition


People choose babywearing for many different reasons. We asked our members why they were thankful for babywearing this year. The common theme was comfort, convenience, and community. Check out some of the responses below:


I’m very grateful to have had 3 successful pregnancies and deliveries of my precious babies to watch them grow everyday as I stay home with them. I will forever be thankful for this.


I am thankful for Babywearing bringing us a new community of friends that have been so welcoming, patient, and kind to us.


I’m thankful for babywearing because it allows me to keep my boy close so he feels comforted and secure enough to go off and play for an hour before coming back to check in for more snuggles


I’m thankful for babywearing before the baby is here to relieve some pain after a long and busy day. #lendinglibrarylove


I am thankful for big kid wrap naps and snuggling my four year old and staying in total denial of the approaching end of our wearing days.


Thankful I can provide comfort and snuggles whenever he needs it.


I am thankful for family wearing days, when we can hike or walk or adventure to places that would make a stroller cry.


I am thankful to have been introduced to babywearing as it has brought me to such a loving and caring community. Thank you to the BOD, volunteers, members, and attendees that have been so welcoming and supportive! #lendinglibrarylove


I’ve been so thankful for many things throughout our babywearing journey! Presently, I’m most thankful for babywearing allowing me to keep my kiddo close and comforted when he’s not feeling his best. Pictured is one of the 3 times so far this semester when my son was too sick to go to daycare, but I still had to teach class. Babywearing to the rescue!


I’m thankful for babywearing providing my little guy with ultimate comfort, whether he wants cuddles, safety from people or sounds, or is so tired that he needs to rest or take a rare wrap nap. I’m grateful for this thing called babywearing because it helps enable me to be the best mom I can be! This picture is only the second wrap nap he has taken in over a year, and I am over the moon that I was able to help him sleep when sleeping was so hard this week

Thank you to all of our members who participated and shared the reasons they are thankful. What are you thankful for today? Leave a comment below.

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


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