Level Up! – Babywearing Edition


“Ups” are not just for babies and toddlers – they’re for caregivers too!  We asked members of BWI Gainesville to share some of their “Level Ups” in babywearing.  Responses ranged from victories great to small, including some truly impressive transfers!  Check out the photos below, and you may be inspired to take your babywearing game to the next level:

Water fountain drinking while in a back carry.  Level up! 


First ups in a woven wrap for these babywearers.

First time this daddy joined the babywearing team.


First attempt at babywearing for a first-time momma.  We’ve come a long way since the K’tan!


First wrap nap.  He was ~6 months old, I had just started babywearing.


First back carry! I vacuumed the bedroom and I felt like Superwoman!


I nailed a kangaroo carry for the first time ever, more than a year into wrapping.


That time everyone was hungry/sleepy/clingy.


When my ring sling carries finally stopped looking like this!  So glad I pushed through and fell in love with ring slings!

I learned to back wrap more efficiently, because otherwise our wrapping days were going to be over.  So I learned how to do a double hammock – and this was my first one!   Level up +2!

Shoveling snow while on vacation.  Grandpa needed the help.


Sleeping 4-year-old back to car seat transfer.  Level up!


Thank you to our members who shared their babywearing victories!  When did you level-up your babywearing game?  Leave a comment below.



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