World #BabywearToThrive Day 2017

LMU BW to Thrive

April 23rd has been named World #BabywearToThrive Day 2017. This is an event sponsored by the non profit organization Lift Me Up to promote baby wearing for children with special needs.

From the Babywear to Thrive event page: “To celebrate our THIRD anniversary and continued successes, we are once again declaring April 23rd: World #BabywearToThrive Day 2017. Our goals for this campaign include: 1) To provide a platform for families who are using babywearing for developmental benefits to feel a part of a greater community; all linked together on one day under the same mission. 2) To increase awareness about babywearing for families who have children with special needs. 3) To spread the movement that babywearing to thrive is for inclusion of ALL children, and fostering the best developmental environment possible. ANYONE can #BabywearToThrive.”

Lift Me Up is a non profit organization, founded in 2014 by three mamas, whose mission is to provide carriers for caregivers of special needs children. More information on how to donate to this cause or to apply for a carrier can be found at

BWI of Gainesville, FL is a proud supporter of Lift Me Up and their mission. For more information about the World #BabywearToThrive Day event, visit the Lift Me Up blog or Facebook event page.


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