A Little Dutch Wrap for our Little Dutch Girl

by Rebekah Rodgers

Doeck Tulipa Forresta, size 4, 100% cotton.


That tag! “Dutch Babywearing. Keep You Close. Keep You Warm. Keep You With Me.”

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Lalu Wovens Lenox Sugarplum Tester

by Anna Williams

Lalu Wovens Lenox Sugarplum is a well balanced wrap.  Blankety with subtle texture, a fair amount of stretch, and minimal rebound; it has excellent drape, feels hefty yet medium weight in hand.  It carries supportively, with no slip or sag, and feels solid yet pliable on the shoulders.  Sugarplum is a delicious violet-plumb ombré weft with a white cotton warp in a classy, metro pattern. This wrap releases Thursday, February 12th, 2015 at 1pm ESTon laluwovens.com.


Lalu Lenox Sugarplum This is the finest grain machine grad I have seen, though it’s hard to say to what extent the subtlety of the colorshift contributes to this. The dusky violet and ruddy plumb work well together. In the sunlight, the ombré makes the wrap appear to glow or shimmer. I find it keeps the dots grounded and prevents the pattern from swimming. The pattern is very metro/sci fi. I quite enjoy it. I’d say that this is despite my general taste in pattern but honestly there’s not much in this style out there. Some of the more binary patterns like Apogee, Ceres, Double Helix, or Migaloo are the only ones I could think of, and they are not quite as organic. The pattern feels future biomedical to me in the best possible way. I have no appropriate segue for adding that it also reminds me of a game of Go. I think I’d like to see this pattern in a warp/weft combination as subtle as the machine grad. Something like charcoal and slate. Annnnd now that will never happen. Damn. Continue reading

Risaroo Sagitta Dahlia

By Anna Williams

Sagitta Dahlia is a 55% cotton, 45% Tencel woven wrap from Risaroo Wovens’ Fairhope Collection.  Tencel is a sustainably sourced fiber.  The wrap in this review is a size 6 (4.6 m).

I am blessed to be in an active chapter with generous mamas who, for reasons unfathomable, trust me with their wraps on a regular basis. I don’t even ask to ‪#‎borrowallthewraps‬. Seriously. They just show up.

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Risaroo Kerrington Pearl Tester

by Anna Williams

Risaroo Wovens‘ first release in the New Oralia collection features more detailed weaving structures in more sophisticated designs.

Kerrington Pearl is a lovely 50% ecru cotton and 50% mercanized ecru fill, and comes to a good 316 gsm post wash.

Hems are of a medium width.  This tester measured 67cm or 27.5″ wide.  A good medium width by today’s standards.

First Impressions:

flat shotThis size 6 tester came to me pre-washed and pre-worn by a previous tester.  I was immediately struct by the opaline shimmer.  Pearl’s certainly not a misnomer!  The pattern reminds me of a bed of oysters rendered in lace. I can’t wait to see the custom dye jobs people put this through.  Soft is a bit of an understatement, it has a glassy smoothness in hand, but a fine texture that will provide it balanced grip.  It feels hefty and supple in hand.  Give it a squeeze and it gives like a high density foam — smooshy, as they say. Continue reading

Tekhni Meandros Santorini

by Anna Williams

Meandros is a 55% cotton 45% repreve blend.  The size 6 in this review measures 177″ x 27″.  Repreve is an eco-sourced polyester made from recycled materials.  The blend is reported to be comfortable for hot and humid climates.

Tekhni Meandros Santorini

Tekhni Meandros Santorini

I was recently given the opportunity to borrow a Tekhni Meandros Santorini from a friend with an on-the-way squish and an impulsive wallet.  I received it washed and dried, but my baby was the first to ride in it, and I found it needed no breaking in.  After several uses, I haven’t really noticed a difference in the feel of the fabric.  I wouldn’t consider it floppy, it has a sort of “wrinkle-free” puffiness to it, but I still found it easy to work with. Continue reading

Pavo Parterre Noir

by Drew Joseph

Wrap size: 6
Age/size of wrappee: 25 lbs, toddler/17 mo (have had this since the release in July 2013)
Year Released: 2013
Blend: 100% cotton
Wraps similar to: nothing  (similarly dense wraps are Tekhni Olympos and Ovolo Fletching, but neither have the stretch of parterre.)
Oh I love my noir. Mine is much more broken in now that it’s traveled all over the place, but it will always be a dense and heavy wrap. It’s far easier to wrap with now, and it falls into a puddle instead of standing up straight like it did brand new. A DH in an unbroken parterre is tough, and the chest pass usually leaves much to be desired, whereas a broken in parterre provides such an awesome chest pass – quite supportive. It will likely never drape like my thinner handwovens, or any of the menagerie, and I wouldn’t come close to calling it ace bandage-like. But it stretches, and supports, like very few other wraps.

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