How to search Facebook Groups on Mobile

This topic comes up a lot.  The babywearing community is by and large served primarily on facebook via groups.  There is a lot of information available by searching that you can miss if you’re not sure how to do it.  When you enter a facebook group with a question, it can sometimes be helpful to search that group for key terms before asking yourself.  You may find your answer right away.  If not, asking yourself is just a tap away. Continue reading


What Size Wrap Do I Need?

by Anna Williams

One of the most common questions we see when someone is deciding what to buy for their first woven wrap, is which size to get.  There’s a tendency to repeat a standardized spiel for new wrappers, but the reality is a bit more open-ended than that.

What is my base size?

Usually, when you go to buy your first wrap, people recommend your base size.  But what is your base size?

Your base size is the size you need to successfully, comfortably, and safely execute a front wrap cross carry tied in back with a double knot.

A size up from that is called your base +1.  A size down is base -1, and so on. Continue reading

Jordan’s Back Carry with a Sling Ring

by Drew Joseph

How to wrap a baby using a Jordan’s back carry with a sling ring. This carry is for experienced babywearers already comfortable with a regular Jordan’s Back Carry. This video uses a size 6 pavo textiles granite zebra. This carry is great for a wrap that’s one size down from your base size, or 1 size up from what you need for a regular Jordan’s back carry. The sling ring makes the carry more adjustable after wrapping, spreads straps across your shoulders, and doesn’t create pressure points with big hunks of fabric like tying tibetan.

You begin with your baby in the center of your wrap. The first pass is a rebozo, both tails then get threaded through a single sling ring (large works best). The tail coming from under your arm is flipped over the same shoulder, coming back over in a cross pass. The other tail comes under the same shoulder in a horizontal pass (or a reinforcing pass if you want to make it Giselle’s back carry with a ring). Each tail comes over then through the ring, allowing the pressure of the ring to hold the tails in place.